QHD 1440P USB Web Camera (Upgraded), MIMODAY Plug & Play Webcam with Built-in Dual Microphone, Multi-Compatible, USB Computer Camera for Video Conferencing, Recording, and Streaming

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  • 【2K QHD Webcam】2K web camera with a 1/3” CMOS image sensor that features a 2560 x 1440 QHD resolution delivers sharp and crystal clear video at a fluid 30 frames/sec, and wide viewing angle shows things wider and clearer.
  • 【Noise Reducing】4-megapixel Fixed focus computer camera built-in dual noise-reducing microphone and superior stereo audio, capture clearer and more natural sound. The USB web camera gives a smooth sound transmission even in a noise environment.
  • 【No Driver Required & Live Streaming】USB plug and play, no drivers required, USB 2.0 port. 30fps. Steaming camera with max resolution up to 2560 x 1440 never miss any details, works perfectly even in dimly environment with automatic low light correction & HDR.
  • 【Multi-Compatibility】USB Web cam works in USB Video Device Class(UVC) mode, supports MAC OS, Windows XP/7/8/10, Smart TV, etc, and it can also be used with Zoom, Skype, Youtube, Yahoo, and More. Enjoy the big-screen visual experience.
  • 【After-sales Service】Every item you purchased from MIMODAY can enjoy a replacement or full refund within 2 years. If your product has manufacture defective. Just click GET HELP WITH ORDER under your order ID. We would be happy to assist your issue.
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1. Put the protective cover of the camera on top of it, align it and press it down directly (webcam cover with sponge protection, it will not damage the camera).

2. Turn on the protective cover when using the web cam and turn it off when not in use.


The privacy cover for the MIMODAY PC Webcam covers the lens when it is not in use. It is perfect to help provide security, and peace of mind to anyone, from individuals to large companies. It also helps to protect the lens from dirt and debris to ensure your video remains clear for the life of the camera.

1. Attach the webcam to your computer. Plug the webcam’s USB cable into one of the rectangular USB ports on the side or back of your computer.

* USB plugs can only be inserted one way. If the plug won’t fit into the port, rotate the plug 180 degrees and try again.

* If you’re on a Mac, you’ll most likely need to buy a USB to USB-C adapter to fit a normal webcam.

* Make sure that you plug the webcam directly into your computer, not a USB hub. USB hubs are often too underpowered to operate a webcam.

2. It’s a plug&play type so it won’t come with a CD. Plug the webcam into your computer will start the setup process. The setup process will involve clicking through a series of preference windows before clicking an Install button.

3. Follow any on-screen instructions. Pay attention to the windows’ information here. You’ll most likely need to select certain preferences that will help the webcam work later.

4. Adjust the webcam as needed.

5. Start a video call with you Skype or something else. Test the webcam’s sound. While speaking into the webcam, look for spikes in activity next to the “”Audio”” (or similarly titled) section in the webcam’s window. If you don’t see any activity here, your webcam’s microphone isn’t working and might need to be enabled from the webcam’s or computer’s settings.

6. Change your webcam’s settings as needed if necessary.


2K Quad High Definition

Contain a 4-megapixel CMOS sensor to capture video up to 2560 x 1440 resolution at 30 fps, thus meeting the higher requirement of professional quality video chatting or recording.

Even in a low light environment, the HDR tech allows the image brighter and natural.



This streaming webcam is compatible with Windows XP SP2, 7, 8, 10, or later, Mac OS 10.12.6 or later. Supports smart TV, TV Box, Chrome OS, Android V5.0 or above, and Linux, Ubuntu, etc.


Package List and Parameter

1. QHD 2K Web Camera accessories

* QHD 2K Web Camera

* Privacy Cover Lid

* USB2.0 MICRO-USB Data cable (5ft)

* Product Manual


2. QHD 2K Web Camera Parameter & Function

* 4-megapixel fixed-focus lens

* Adapt to the interface: USB2.0

* Highest effective pixel: 2560 * 1440

* Max frame rate: 30FPS

* Horizontal rotation: 360°

* Horizontal viewing angle 95° wide viewing angle

* Automatic white balance, AE compensation

* Microphone


Note: Please don’t put the webcam and the speakers in the same direction in case of noise.


Additional information

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124 reviews for QHD 1440P USB Web Camera (Upgraded), MIMODAY Plug & Play Webcam with Built-in Dual Microphone, Multi-Compatible, USB Computer Camera for Video Conferencing, Recording, and Streaming

  1. Bianca Ramos

    Great video quality, clear, looks great

  2. Andreea

    The image is super sharp and the installation took less than a minute.

  3. Lawrence Turnbull

    I’ve had the product for a day now and it works great. Working from home, I needed a webcam to add to my desktop and it does the job. It provides a wide view to fit everyone in the shot and picture quality looks good.

  4. Travis Wade Smith

    Plugged in and started working, very good picture quality

  5. Sally Bastawros

    I’m still in the middle of setting it up but so far it seems relatively easy! Will comment if any further observations are made. Thanks!

  6. Robert Lemerond

    Great webcam image. Clear sound.

  7. Mark Marsh

    Motion quality poor but image fine if not moving.

  8. Al Juhnke

    Problems connecting to Dell computer.

  9. Connor Lee

    The quality is great! For the price that it’s going for, you should get it before the price gets raised.

  10. Jonathan Pazderski

    Not sure what’s going on but it doesn’t seem to be working.

  11. Christian Dominguez

    It works well and the shipping was quick. The high definition was also nice compared to others in the same price range.

  12. Ivan Bowman

    I love the wide-angle lens combined with extremely sharp colors. Perfect for streaming and zoom calls.

  13. Louis Sampaia III

    It does not work on my windows 10 PC. I tried to down load a firm ware or program to run it and my camera has been blank.
    Also the picture is really grainy and not clear. On the list of what it can do it says it can zoom and it does not. It came on for 3 ministers and never came back on.

  14. Rachel Drayton

    Looks good, it was a little slow following me, but I changed some settings and it was fine again. Maybe the plastic cover was throwing it off. Either way seems to be doing the job, thanks for a good product.

  15. Cris

    I’ve only tested the camera once with a zoom meeting. The camera seems to work well.

  16. Peter Smode

    Seems pretty good so far. It was easy to get working and the picture quality is good

  17. Luis Orlando Maury Sanchez

    This camera is great. It has a very good resolution, I need it for use it mainly with teams

  18. Kevin Kim

    At first I was having problems getting the webcam to work with programs like discord, zoom and the windows camera app. At first it was blurry and laggy, but after updating my drivers it works fine so far.

  19. Jingxian Chen

    Throw product is great and it’s amazing that you even provided with a privacy lid. Will definite recommend!

  20. Nickolas Mahl

    Worked flawlessly right out of the box!

  21. Christian Hubert Sugay

    I order it try it and it doesnt work. I tried using different cord still dont work

  22. Parth Venkat

    I haven’t used it yet so I dint know. I’m just trying to get my ftee gift

  23. Jahaziel monreal

    Very good Quality. True 2k definition. Plug and play

  24. Tanner Shaw

    Nice design, works well, excellent picture quality

  25. Robert D Shepherd

    Works better than expected, very pleased so far!!

  26. Pedro DA

    good product. There is one design flaw that I wish it didnt have: the plastic rotating cover that supports the webcam does not stay as solidly in place. I wish there was an entrance for a visible screw, which I could adjust, as needed

  27. Bryson

    So far trying to work out video latency issues, but great quality and is a definite improvement over my built webcam.

  28. Adolfo Perez

    Great camera view and easy to install. Definitely worth the investment

  29. Mando Pena

    I am impressed with the quality of the camera for the price. Picture quality looks great!

  30. Amanda Bartonek

    I like that it has a clearer picture than my previous webcam.

  31. Mitchell weston

    Just bought it and like how it looks. Hope it works well

  32. Jandie McSweet

    Very good camera clear audio and picture

  33. Patrick Tarrants

    Looks sleek. Packaging was nice. Protective film. Easy to plug and play use. No material issues with the product.

  34. Taylor

    I really like the quality of 2k QHD resolution on the camera for only $38.

  35. Sadiq Jafri

    Good product so far. Would’ve liked windows hello integration.

  36. Weng Wong

    great pictures easy setup and the price is reasonable

  37. Kelvin Chang

    Device does not work at 30 frames per second on the Mac

  38. Patrick wright

    Beautiful easy to use camera with a sleek design and great quality picture!

  39. Tracy Goins

    RIght now, the driver did not automatically install, I’m contacting support.

  40. Shana Provencher

    I like that it came with a cover and easy to follow instructions. Installation was near effortless and I like the video quality.

  41. Alberto

    Clear image, good range vision, I am happy with this webcam

  42. Shana Clark

    Easy to install. Seems to work great as required for me school!

  43. Luis Martinez

    Great quality of the image, easy to use, good price

  44. Nyall Tavernier

    I’m testing the webcam in my office at night with lights on. The picture quality is grainy, my face is darker than the rest of the room especially under my chin. Picture is not smooth. The pixels seem to be dancing on the screen in several spots.

  45. Casey Schmidt

    For the price and function, the camera looks great! – C

  46. Chris Borella

    great value for the price. Easy setup. Great picture, would highly recommend

  47. Steven Work

    Webcam works great. I got it to replace another one from a different company that broke almost instantly. Very happy.

  48. Aura Barys

    Slim sleek it works and I get my work calls completed in time with no interruption. Thank you!

  49. Moteb Alharbi

    Its great and good quality and really nice design and everything good

  50. Ajay Chopra

    The clamp to that attaches the camera to the laptop is not tight so needs constant adjustment.

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