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UPC: 782910870194

  • One-key color change: Our LED strip lights have more than 60,000 colors, which can be changed freely by remote control and mobile phone. You can even select the color in the picture through the phone software to change the color of the light strip.
  • Bluetooth remote control: The difference between our light strips and ordinary light strips is that we have a Bluetooth function. Through the mobile phone software, we can change the color of the light strip, play music and make the light strip change color with the music, let the light strip flash with the sound, and switch timing Light strip.
  • Perfect decoration: The total length of our light belt is 32.8ft, which is suitable for most families, whether it is a bedroom, living room, kitchen or even a table, it will be your best choice. And it is also suitable for all kinds of festivals, Christmas, Halloween, it will make your holiday atmosphere stronger.
  • Safe working environment: The 12V adapter can provide a stable power supply for the LED light, ensuring that the light strip is bright without any flicker, has low calorific value, can be touched and is safe for children.
  • Worry-free product service: Our products have a two-year warranty period. Please feel free to contact us if you have any problems within two years. We will provide you with free return and exchange services.