Our Company

About Us.

Mimoday, established in 2013, strives for providing high quality and cost efficient products to anyone in needs. Believe it or not, 4 years ago when a group of friends gathered up, one of friends shared a negative experience about his phone accessory. The conversation kept on going after one and other friend such as sharing a bad experience using a speaker. After a long conversation, one said, “Why don’t we make these electronic products better then?” Maybe it sounds too sudden, but it made a clear goal for our company, “make it better!”

As the Internet is a giant platform, which became the most critical part of our life for doing any activities, anyone enables to share their own product experience without knowing each other. We are dedicated to hear all these voices from the Internet identifying any product improvement from existing products and to deliver back to people with advanced ones.

When many of whom hear our company name, they might wonder why ‘Mimoday’

We came up with ‘Mimo,’ which refers a method of multiplying the capacity and ‘day’ accordingly as our company because our main interest is to provide our customers with several reasons to be satisfied by delivering one practical product each time. One day we hope anyone who is interested in buying electronic products visits our website right away without any hesitation because of previous satisfactions with ‘Mimoday.’